Born in Indonesia of Chinese parentage, Kadi moved to the United States in 1985. His father, Dr. J. Kadi, an accomplished and well-known eye surgeon, persuaded the younger Kadi to abandon the path to medical school and, instead, to pursue a life in the Arts. The elder Kadi had himself been discouraged by his father to live life as an artist; he was encouraged to find a different profession that could provide for a young family and yet still would support his art as a hobby.

In 1992, Kadi completed his undergraduate degree in Fine Arts History in Early Christian, Byzantine, and Medieval Art and Architecture; with a minor in Fine Arts Studio. In his final year at the Vanderbilt University, he won the Margaret Stonewall Woolrich Hamblet Award, which stipulated for the recipient to travel for a year and to do art.

He spent the following year traveling to major art cities in the United States, then crossed the Atlantic to spend six months of backpacking in Europe. He ended the Fellowship year by having his first major solo exhibition at the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery. Two works from that exhibition were immediately acquired by the Tennessee State Art Museumto be included in their Permanent Collection.

Kadi attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco (now named the Academy of Art University), received the highest honor upon completion of his graduate work in Fine Arts Printmaking, and delivered the Valedictory Address at the Commencement Exercises at the Masonic Temple in 1996.

Since 2002, when his partner's company relocated his family to Tokyo, Japan, Kadi hanged up his silkscreen squeegee and took up digital photography. The switch was borne out of necessity, as it was cost-prohibitive to rent a studio space in Tokyo to continue work in silkscreen printmaking. 

Since the advance of smart phone cameras, Kadi had exclusively shot from his iPhone camera.

Selected Exhibitions

Face 2.0

SOMArts Bay Gallery, San Francisco 

JUNE 3 - JUNE 20, 2017

Digging Into the Past                       
RMK art design interiors, San Francisco   

JANUARY 15 - APRIL 15 - 2017

Master & Apprentice                         
RMK art design interiors, San Francisco  

APRIL 15 - JULY 15,  2014

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Father & Son: Watercolor & Photography                       
House of Sampoerna, Surabaya  

JUNE 1 - AUGUST 31 - 2007

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